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shower trays

New Elemeny shower trays, with a modern design and a hand-finishing touch

Hand finished
Shower trays

The new hand-finished Elementy shower trays are distinguished by a simple and modern design consisting of a special INOX stainless steel grill and a "refined" finish that guarantees maximum safety and comfort during use.
The internal core combined with the outer layer/cover are completely hand finished, which guarantees high technical performance, ideal for domestic or public use, with extremely natural effects and defined by truly unique, valuable and original aesthetics.

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Our shower trays are the result of research that has been conducted to real-life scenarios in order to create an innovative design that can become a leading product in the bathroom design sector. It is necessary to coordinate many techniques to obtain a result with sophisticated aesthetics and a natural effect.

Availability in different finishes and customisable.

The solutions given by Elementy are fully customisable in size and finish, to make every environment special.

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Technical characteristics

  • Thickness from 25 to 30 mm
  • Weight starting from only 4 Kg
  • Possibility to cut it to size
  • Square, rectangular and semicircular trays
  • Installation laid on the floor or installation aligned with the floor
  • Non-slip
  • Stains resistant
  • Resistant to thermal changes and UV rays
  • Easily repairable in case of scratches

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All our products are certified according to rigorous laboratory tests.

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